San Diego Just Opened Its First Tax-Funded Homeless Camp

Brittany M. Hughes | July 6, 2023
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San Diego is taking a page out of its own state’s outdated, got-left-out-in-the-pouring-rain book on how to deal with its homeless crisis - this time, by dumping a ton of money into “safe sleeping” areas for the unhoused.

Because that’s what the mentally ill and drug-addicted truly need. Just some nicer places to squat.

According to the New York Post, San Diego’s Homeless Strategies and Solutions Department - who stay gainfully employed thanks to the massive number of indecent Californians roaming the streets and taking dumps on the sidewalks - has opened one of two new locales for homeless persons to sleep.The agency is erecting 150 or so 13-by-13-foot tents in the area to help shift underpass dwellers from the downtown areas they currently occupy. Dreams for Change, a local nonprofit group, will reportedly run the site. A second location that will hold about 400 more tents is expected to open soon near the Naval Hospital on the outskirts of a public park frequented by tourists, families and children.

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Homeless people seeking to utilize the tents will be given meals, access to a bathroom and shower, and taxpayer-funded transportation to  appointments or activities, but won’t be required to be sober. Each tent can also accommodate up to two people, including romantic partners.

So there's no reason at all to expect this won't go well.

It’s not yet clear how the city thinks setting up 550 or so camping tents will help solve the city’s homeless crisis currently estimated to include more than 2,000 people, or how simply giving people - including those who are drunk or high - a cot to crash on will solve the crippling problems of addiction, joblessness, or extreme mental health issues that often land a person on the street to begin with.

Then again, California's solution to problems of its own making does often tend to be just chucking other people's money at it and hoping it goes away.

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