Six-Year-Old Ga. Boy with Inoperable Brain Tumor Wants Ornaments For Christmas

Nick Kangadis | November 17, 2017

Meet six-year-old Brantley Dobbs from Hiram, Georgia. Brantley has a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Giloma (DIPG), which is a “highly aggressive and difficult to treat” brain tumor.

“Most kids live 5 to 9 months, sometimes they live a year,” his mother, Jamie Dobbs said. “Brantley is on month 20 now.”

Brantley’s whole body has become swollen due to the treatments and drugs he receives for the tumor.

Brantley wants two things — to see another Christmas, and ornaments.

According to NBC 11 - Atlanta, the Dobbs family is “learning that joy is a choice and mindset.” Despite Brantley’s affliction, the superhero-loving little boy finds joy in being surrounded by different superhero-themed items.

“There is Superman, Flash and Captain America,” he explains. “They all have cool superpowers.”

Brantley and his five-year-old sister Lucy are best friends, and NBC 11 reported that “Lucy’s favorite spot is at the foot of her brother’s bed.

Brantley deserves at least one more Christmas.

It’s never too early to observe Christmas. Adults have ruined the holiday for the children, often making it about themselves. But, Brantley’s parents realize that the spirit of Christmas is one that can be celebrated all year long.

“It just makes everybody happy,” Jamie told NBC 11.

Merry Christmas to Brantley and the rest of the Dobbs family.

Per NBC 11:

If you’d like to send an ornament or card to Brantley, send them to:

Hospice Atlanta

1244 Park Vista Dr.

Atlanta GA 30319

For video of Brantley’s story, watch below: