Stacey Abrams Guest Stars As ‘President of Earth’ On Star Trek: Discovery

Gabriel Hays | March 17, 2022
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Stacey Abrams has plenty of experience playing a fake political leader. Remember that time she identified as the Governor-elect of Georgia? So she’s perfect for her guest role on Star Trek, where she plays the president of Earth.

Hollywood’s so smitten with Abrams that they’ve cast her as the world’s leader in the season finale of TV’s flagship show, Star Trek: Discovery.

Gosh, why are we making the obnoxious people more famous anyway?

Hollywood outlet talked about Abram’s insufferable cameo on the Paramount+ streaming series, and boy did the outlet sound like a fan. “Stacey Abrams may be running again to be Governor of Georgia, but the avowed Star Trek fan makes a pretty good President of United Earth in the 32nd century.”

Oh does she? Thank you guys.

Deadline described Abrams’ small turn as the president of the Earth as “regal,” and boy does it sound like it. Coming in for a quick second during the episode, failed-candidate, soft-porn author-turned actress states, “United Earth is ready right now to rejoin the Federation, and nothing could make me happier than to say those words.”

Oh my gosh. What a regal and stately announcement to make. By the sound of it Abrams really, really wants to be in charge of something. Thankfully Hollywood can oblige her wildest fantasies that can’t be realized in the Georgia governor’s seat.

Yes, that was Stacey Abrams with a cameo on Star Trek Discovery as president of United Earth. A proud Star Trek nerd, Abrams has appeared as a guest on fan shows and has talked extensively about how the show shaped her perspective. #gapol

— Greg Bluestein (@bluestein) March 17, 2022

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Deadline then provided some cringe-inducing anecdotes from Abrams's co-star on set, who acted like the presence of the plus-sized pretend president was miraculous in and of itself.

Sonequa Martin-Green, the actress who plays the main character of the series, gushed, “I’m still floored when I think about Stacey gracing us with her presence in our Season 4 finale.” Ew. And Deadline made it worse, adding that Abrams is “widely regarded as having saved American democracy.”

And by “saving Democracy,” do they mean her allegedly turning Georgia into a ballot harvesting haven that helped elect the president currently leading us into record high inflation, extreme gas prices, and potentially World War III? Yeah she sure “saved” us. 

Martin-Green added, “She wowed us with her charm, humility, and generosity, and she whipped out some acting chops too!” 

Oh do shut up, please!


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