Trump Bestows Nickname on House Speaker Pelosi: 'That Crazy Nancy, She is Crazy'

Nick Kangadis | October 18, 2019
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Whether you like him or not, unless you’re devoid of anything resembling a personality, you have to admit that President Donald Trump is occasionally funny, almost in a ridiculous manner. I don’t mean that he’s funny in a stand-up comedy kind of way. Some of his mannerisms and gestures that go along with some of the things he says are legitimately funny. Maybe that’s why leftists hate him so much — because they lost their sense of humor a while ago.

Now I’m not necessarily condoning labeling or nicknaming someone with a derogatory title, but when others continuously and irresponsibly compare Trump to a murdering socialist like Adolf Hitler, you can’t always blame the guy for fighting back with a quip here and there.

That’s what happened — again — Thursday evening in Dallas, Texas.

Trump was speaking at a rally at Dallas’ American Airlines Center, and while the president spoke about Democrats, he singled out one in particular, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

He did what he did well in 2016, and that was give an opponent of his a nickname.

“Crazy Nancy, think of that,” Trump said as he shook his head in disapproval. “That crazy Nancy. She is crazy.”

Well, I guess we can now add “Crazy Nancy” to the list of nicknames Trump has given others.

Here’s a list of some of the others:

“Low Energy Jeb” Bush

“Little Marco” Rubio

“Lyin’ Ted” Cruz

“Crooked Hillary” Clinton

“Shifty” Adam Schiff

Those are just a few, but you get the point.

For video of some of Trump’s comments, including his reference to “Crazy Nancy,” watch below:


H/T: Washington Examiner