Tucker Destroys Zelensky: Calls Ukrainian Leader 'Uppity Foreigner' for 'Demanding' Billions More in Aid

Nick Kangadis | October 14, 2022
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If you’ve followed my work over the last number of months, you’d know that I’ve been asking when enough is enough concerning the amount of money and American technological and military equipment the federal government has been sending to Ukraine funded by the America taxpayers.

Apparently I’m not the only one anymore who’s been wondering about the hubris with which Ukrainian Leader Volodymyr Zelensky has been asking — essentially demanding — for more and more money and equipment on pretty much a weekly basis.

The comments from Zelensky that ticked off Fox News host Tucker Carlson to the point he referred to Zelensky as a “dictator” and an “uppity foreigner” were of more demands.

Zelensky said the following through an interpreter on Wednesday (the comments displayed were what Carlson responded to after the clip was played):

At the time we have two, key financial needs of the country: that’s $38 billion to make up for the deficit of our budget for next year…Another $17 billion that were verified by World Bank and needed to rebuild the critical infrastructure…We need also targeted credits in the amount of $2 billion to rebuild the electric energy infrastructure after the destruction and to expand our export to Europe…We need credit limits to purchase gas and coal for the future heating season. The scope of this year’s support should be not less than $5 billion.

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Before we get to Carlson’s comments, remember when our federal government was talking about spending trillions of our own infrastructure? Sure, the infrastructure they meant was implementing the Green New Deal without passing legislation actually named after it. But, have your roads, bridges and highways gotten any better in the last two years? Yeah, mine neither.

As for Carlson, he looked so disgusted that he sounded off like he’d had enough of the “requests” from Zelensky, essentially draining our coffers to enrich his own.

What?! Some uppity foreigner in a t-shirt demanding money for his critical economic needs? We have critical economic need too, buddy! Who are you, troll? Go away! What?! Since when does that guy have a claim on our treasury?[…]We don’t owe this guy anything! Not one thing! Good luck, pal! That’s it! And as our economy degrades and our border is gone, that guy’s lecturing us with some Christmas list? Like, ‘I want this, that and I want a bicycle, too! You better send it quick!’ Really? Up yours, buddy! And at the same time dragging us, the entire west, toward nuclear war, telling us we have to nuke Russia.

Carlson told us how he really felt, and it seems to be a growing sentiment among the increasingly cash-strapped average American.


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