Ultimatum For Aussie Youths: Wear Pride Shirts Or Sit Out Soccer Match

Jay Maxson | February 16, 2023
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Remember when the LGBTQABCD fascists said they only wanted to love their partners? It was hogwash then and it’s hogwash now. They continually try to impose their views on others, and now six-year-olds in Australia have been given an ultimatum to either wear rainbow shirts or sit out a high-profile kids’ soccer game. 

Next week, children will play during the halftime of an A-League pro match between Melbourne Victory and Adelaide. That is, they’ll play only if they bow down to the fascists and wear the rainbow shirt. Those refusing to go along with the rainbow power move will not play in front of a large crowd.  

The major adult league has already been captured by the LGBTQABCD zealots and is observing a Pride Celebration round Feb. 24-26. 

It’s always the children that lefties go after. They’re the easiest marks. Here’s the edict issued by the bullies: 

“Please note that Melbourne Victory will be celebrating Pride Cup at this fixture. As such, participants playing half-time small-sided games will be wearing a specially designed pride T-shirt during the game. 

“By continuing with this registration form you agree to your child wearing the MVFC pride T-shirt.” 

A spokesperson for Melbourne Victory team lied by saying the children are not being forced to wear rainbow jerseys and can play on another day. “The Club has not forced any of its players, staff, fans or junior participants to wear or participate in anything they are not comfortable with. 

"This game is a celebration of LGBTI+ participation in sport and we have put processes in place to ensure those who are not comfortable to participate in the day as a whole, will have the option to participate in another match day they feel comfortable participating in.” 

No matter how this slick-talking spokesman spins it, the children are being forced to promote homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism. Those who won’t submit to their agenda will miss the rare opportunity to play in a pro stadium during a pro soccer match. It’s a lost opportunity for children who will learn the meaning of the word “exclusion.” 

A Daily Mail story quoted parents who are rightfully outraged about this brazen attempt to indoctrinate young children – who are supposed to be getting a fun introduction to soccer at this age. 

One parent said the strong-arming of the LGBTQABCD movement is inappropriate and young children should not be exposed to social and cultural matters. “It's deeply disturbing that the Melbourne Victory is forcing 6-year-old children to be moving billboards,” the father said. Furthermore, “primary aged schoolchildren are not the correct avenue to express these sentiments.” 

A soccer fan Tweeted that forcing kids to wear pride shirts is not about inclusion. The fan is right. It’s all about indoctrination and treating non-participants as pariahs. 

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