VIDEO: Fans Would Rather Win SuperBowl than Have Their Party Win the White House

danjoseph | September 18, 2015
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Americans love sports. The dedication that fans have to their beloved teams often fringes on obsessive. Nothing can compare to the excitement of one's favorite franchise becoming world champions. (At least that's what I hear. I'm a Jets fan.) The political world is similar.  Many of us have experienced the elation on election night when it is announced that our favored candidate is victorious.

But, what if you had to choose between the two?

MRCTV was at the opening game of the NFL season in Foxboro, Massachusetts and we posed this hypothetical to fans.

If you had to choose between your team winning the Super Bowl or your favored political party being elected to the White House, which would you pick?

The caveat is that you can't have both. If you're a Republican and a Patriots fan, you can win the Super Bowl this year, but it means four years of Hillary Clinton. A liberal Steelers fan can have Bernie Sanders win the election, but no Super Bowl victories would be in your future for the next four years. 

Here's how fans reacted to my hypothetical: 



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