VIDEO: 'Sticker Kid' Steals Spotlight From Clinton in Iowa

danjoseph | February 3, 2016
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A young man with stickers plastered on his face seems to have become a minor celebrity due to his antics during Hillary Clinton's speech in Iowa on Monday night. The young man, who was sporting Hillary stickers on both of his cheeks, was filmed dancing and making hilarious faces behind Clinton as she gave a speech proclaiming victory in the caucus. 

Eighteen-year-old Peter Clinkscales, now know on the Internet as "#StickerKid," was standing directly behind Clinton during her victory speech at Drake University and admits that when he noticed that he was in the the camera shot that his first instinct was to "goof around."

And goof around he did. 

The young man claims that he didn't even participate in the caucuses on Monday night and really isn't interested in politics.

That didn't stop him from stealing some of Clinton's thunder as he made hilarious faces behind the candidate, at times, even appearing to be trying to eat the stickers attached to his face. 

"My dad was on the computer just laughing at everything that was happening." Clinkscales said. "He was like, 'you're so stupid.'"