Video: UFC Champ Spars Against Massive Strongman from 'Game of Thrones'

Ben Graham | November 2, 2015
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What happens when a professional fighter meets a career strongman? The strongman makes the fighter look scrawny by comparison.

Interim UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor, 27, faced what may have been his largest most dangerous opponent yet -- a man named Hafthór Björnsson, 26, better known as “The Mountain” to “Game of Thrones” fans.

In a Facebook post, McGregor remarked that he had “never fought, or even seen,” a man as large as Björnsson, who stands at 6’9” and weighs 400 lbs.



Today I had a bare-knuckle fight off a 180kg monster called 'The Mountain'I'd never fought, or even seen, a man that big before.

Posted by Conor McGregor on Friday, October 30, 2015


According to a report in the International Business Times, Björnsson was able to take five steps while carrying a log that weighed nearly 3/4 of a ton. 

No wonder he is capable of causing catastrophic head trauma with his bare hands! (“Game of Thrones” fans will get that)

Luckily for McGregor, this was only a light-hearted spar, not a duel to the death.

Check out the spar in the video below: