Watch: Mob Throws Objects From Overpass At People’s Convoy

Eric Scheiner | May 4, 2022
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Video shows alleged Antifa protesters throwing paint and other objects at a 'People's Convoy' driving through Portland late last week.

The Portland Police Bureau Reports the incident happened on Friday.

North Precinct and East Precinct officers responded to a report of a group throwing objects off the Northeast Glisan Street overpass over Interstate 205, and that a shot had been fired. Portland Police were monitoring a protest "convoy" that was driving through Portland and counterdemonstrators confronting them. Officers determined that the shot fired call was likely related. They did recover evidence of one shot fired, but no known victims. Several officers were required as a group of about 15 people were yelling at and harassing the officers as they conducted the investigation. No immediate arrests were made, but the investigation is continuing.


The Daily Mail reports that the object throwers were Antifa. Journalist Andy Ngo claims Antifa member John Hacker was a member of Friday's violent crowd.


Saturday saw more Antifa violence in Portland as a masked mob clashed with a “Re-Fund The Police” rally.

Suspects hurled paint, smoke bombs, at shot fireworks at those gathered, including children and the elderly. Two people were reportedly injured.



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