Welcome to the 'Mothership': Joe Rogan Opens Cancel-Free Comedy Club in Texas

Nick Kangadis | March 9, 2023
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Want to experience stand-up comedy in its true form? Whether you enjoy edgy or “offensive”comedy or not, free speech is something you should be afforded without caveat of being “cancelled” for trying to be funny to someone who can’t take or understand a joke. Want to be a stand-up comedian and feel comfortable doing your set without being run out of the club for a joke you’re working out? Podcaster, actor and comedian Joe Rogan has the answer for you.

After over two years of development, Rogan opened his “Comedy Mothership” comedy club in Austin, Texas this week. Rogan himself is bragging about how cancel culture doesn’t live there in his club.

“You can’t fire me from my own club, bitch!” Rogan exclaimed while admittedly drunk and high on psychedelic mushrooms.

Here’s a taste of what the club offered and is offering in its first week in business, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

The venue’s theme is aliens meets art deco (the latter, a respectful nod to the remodeled theater’s century-long history). There’s a UFO above the door in the lobby, warnings that “Hecklers Will Be Alienated” and a Stargate-like arch over the main stage. The theater is awash in black and purple. By Austin comedy standards, it’s easily the coolest-looking venue in town.

The opening stretch of performances is billed as “Joe Rogan and Friends,” and the first night included Rogan-verse regulars David Lucas, Ron White, Tim Dillion, Roseanne Barr and Tony Hinchcliffe (who’s bringing his popular Kill Tony show to the theater and led the audience in a game called “Kayne or the Jews?”). The audience in attendance was pretty standard for Rogan shows, which means they over-index on the three Bs — bros, beards and ball caps. Within seconds of the first comic taking the stage, a gay slur was thrown out, followed by jokes about trans people. The audience hooted. For the anti-cancel-culture crowd, this is their new safe space.

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Obviously, Rogan’s name is the draw and will help draw marquee talent to the venue. But for names like Ron White and Roseanne Barr to perform the first night you’re open is a feather in the cap of the new venture.

For too long — meaning over the last five to eight years — true comedians have been forced to skip venues in some cities because the religion of woke poisoned those places. Comics that aren’t for everyone, and might hold some offensive views or craft offensive jokes, need places like Rogan’s new establishment to provide a “safe space” to be verbally “dangerous.”

As a huge stand-up comedy fan, cheers and good luck, Joe!


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