MRCTV’s Eric Scheiner's weekly wrap-up of the leftist media’s most hilarious moments of political bias.
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Wacky MOLE
Jonah Lackey | June 7, 2024
  It’s the first week of Pride Month, and if you thought bears in bondage or trans twinks were the only things to gag over, boy would you be wrong!  
Wacky MOLE
Eric Scheiner | May 24, 2024
The leftist media are sure that its not Bidenomics that sucks - its the bad 'vibes' out there that make people think the economy is bad.
Wacky MOLE
Eric Scheiner | May 17, 2024
This was the week where community theater actors polished up their resumes, realizing that CNN doesn’t really hire journalists to report their biased…
Wacky MOLE
Eric Scheiner | May 10, 2024
The media is quite upset this week that the court cases against Donald Trump are falling apart and being exposed as the political election…
Wacky MOLE
Jonah Lackey | May 3, 2024
It’s election season! Which means if you’ve watched the news for more than 4 seconds this week then you’ll know that America has been overrun with…
Wacky MOLE
Eric Scheiner | April 19, 2024
From Joe's crazy claims about relatives being eaten by cannibals to ignoring pro-Hamas protestors, the media worked overtime to protect Biden.
Wacky MOLE
Eric Scheiner | April 5, 2024
Leftist media claim Trump supporters are a cult as they praise death, transgenderism and abortion as things "good for" Joe Biden.