Cultural Vibrancy In The Netherlands

Four Dead in Isla Vista Shootings - Alleged Killers Video Threat

Syria - Hard to say which side is doing the the torturing, Rebel or Assadist. 

Regardless, the glee is evident.

Interfaith dialogue with your dog

Rob Ford In His Own Words - I have enough (pussy) to eat at home.

Peace mobile - The Islamic mobile phone solution

The Challenger & Adultery in Space ᴴᴰ - Islamic Reminder

A Shia muslim who survived an earlier attack is murdered in the hospital by a Sunni muslim in Karachi Pakistan.

Evidently Justin Trudeau's LPC Includes Hamas.  The JDL staged a protest against Justin Trudeau's attendance at The Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention, a Muslim Brotherhood event.


This clip shows a Hamas supporter complaining to a policeman that it's racist to call him a terrorist.

In 2010 the Wali ul Asr school, located in Brampton Ontario,, staged a speech competition among its elementary school students.


In this clip the young lady opens by denigrating Western society in a discussion on the need to wear the hijab.


She concludes with praise for the Ayatollah Khomeini and Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the banned terrorist group Hezbollah. Her praise for Nasrallah focuses on his defeat of the "Zionist Regime"