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Emma Schultz | August 11, 2022
Wednesday Night’s CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight, anchored by stand-in host Laura Coates welcomed two known Republicans and left Coates grasping for a little more hope for the downfall of the party. Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan (R-GA) and self-proclaimed conservative CNN political commentator S.E. Cupp joined Coates as she tried to wrap her head around the idea that GOP is still alive and well. …
Emma Schultz | August 10, 2022
Former adviser to George W. Bush Mark McKinnon just wanted to boast about Joe Biden’s Presidency on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight with stand-in host Laura Coates, but the FBI had to go and raid President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Read full story on NewsBusters. 
Emma Schultz | August 8, 2022
The Democrats passed another massive and damaging spending bill over the weekend that economists say will make inflation worse. But according to CNN Newsroom host Pamela Brown on Sunday, President Biden is “one of the most legislatively successful presidents in modern history.” She even got combative with former Trump campaign advisor David Urban and essentially demanded that he adopt her spin as…
Emma Schultz | August 3, 2022
What's the worst, most simplistic way to attack Senate Republicans? If you're a journalist at CNN, you suggest GOP members are “anti-veteran.” Discussing the new toxic exposure bipartisan bill traveling through the House and the Senate, on Tuesday’s CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera, the host interviewed liberal activist Jon Stewart. This new bill, according to Roll Call, expands on the existing…
Emma Schultz | July 28, 2022
In what amounted to a televised strategy session with Democratic National Committee senior advisor Cedric Richmond Wednesday night, CNN’s Don Lemon promoted the party’s new election strategy of doubling down on the last failed cycle. “[The] idea about calling Republicans extremists, is that the way to go?” the Don Lemon Tonight host wondered.  Read full story on NewsBusters.
Emma Schultz | July 26, 2022
In a conversation on Monday’s CNN Newsroom with host Ana Cabrera, Washington Post Opinion columnist Catherine Rampell refused to look at inflation or recession in a bad light. In fact, they refused to even admit we were possibly in a recession, according to the official definition it holds. Read full story on NewsBusters. 
Emma Schultz | July 20, 2022
In what seemed to be a mildly heated exchange on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight with CNN commentator and former Ohio Governor John Kasich Monday night, Lemon demonstrated his aggressive ignorance of how economics works as he angrily argued that increasing the supply of oil wouldn’t bring down prices. “What you’re saying is not right,” he shouted at Kasich. Read full story on NewsBusters.
Emma Schultz | July 19, 2022
With the steady increase in gas prices over the past few months, the Biden Administration and the liberal media routinely stated that the prices were not the President’s fault and he could not do anything to change them. But on Monday’s CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera, a different story is painted as declining gas prices were suddenly the result of Biden rolling up his sleeves. Never the villain,…
Emma Schultz | July 14, 2022
In the face of 40-year-high inflation and abysmal poll numbers where even Democrats don’t want him to run again, Wednesday’s CNN Don Lemon Tonight only defended President Biden for the work he has been doing (or lack of it); with Lemon himself scoffing at Biden’s idealism about unity by suggesting Americans just prefer to be at each other’s throats, as opposed to Biden not attempting. Read full…
Emma Schultz | July 6, 2022
‘Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?’ According to CNN fill-in host Laura Coates on Tuesday’s Don Lemon Tonight, it’s not so. “Because even on the day that we celebrated our nation’s independence… that was still not free from the terror of a mass shooting,” she proclaimed as she tried to whip the audience into a hysteria. Read full story on NewsBusters.