ABC Fears Joe Biden Will Be Forced to ‘Pay’ for the ‘Sins of the Son’

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 14, 2023
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Still ignoring the evidence revealed by the House Oversight Committee last week that then-Vice President Joe Biden had been involved with his son Hunter’s shady overseas business dealings, ABC’s Good Morning America spent part of their Monday morning newscast openly worrying that Joe would be forced to “pay” the price for the “sins of the son” in this case.

After noting that Special Counsel David Weiss was going to bring federal tax and gun charges against Hunter, as well as further investigate his foreign business dealings, ABC chief “justice” correspondent Pierre Thomas voiced his concerns for President Biden. “But the key question moving forward is how much damage does the father pay for any sins of the son?” he asked co-host Robin Roberts in a perversion of the biblical quote.

At the top of his report, Thomas lamented that Hunter’s sweetheart and dubious plea deal fell through and how it was harming Joe. “It was only a few weeks ago that Hunter Biden was on the cusp of a plea deal that he hoped would put an end to his legal troubles. But it appears the legal and political drama for him and the President is far from over,” he said.


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