ABC Omits TikTok Boosting Osama, Tout App and New Disney Park in China

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 16, 2023
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Disney-own ABC put their profits ahead of America on Thursday after they refused to report that TikTok, the social media app controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), was promoting the writings of terrorist Osama Bin Laden. They ignored the story in order to promote their new amusement park in China themed after the movie Frozen. And not only did they ignore TikTok promoting the man behind 9/11, they actually ran a segment touting the app as a good thing.

On Wednesday night, the TikTok algorithm started promoting videos telling viewers to go read Osama’s “Letter to America” and that the 9/11 terrorist attack that killed nearly 3,000 innocent Americans was somehow justified. It was an intentional move that had possibly radicalized many impressionable American young people (along with other useful idiots) and created a national security concern.

And while all of the morning newscasts (including CBS Mornings and NBC’s Today) ignored the CCP undermining America with their social media app, ABC’s Good Morning America was particularly insidious since they promoted the app and China.


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