ABC Praises Non-Republicans Voting in GOP Primaries Against Trump

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 23, 2024
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With CNN exit polls suggesting that upwards of 70 percent of former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s support in New Hampshire came from people who were not registered Republicans, on Tuesday night, ABC praised that effort on their streaming service ABC News Live. Network reporter Eva Pilgrim lauded those voters for understanding how important their duty was and was excited about other open primaries like those in South Carolina and 11 Super Tuesday states.

Minutes after the polls closed, Pilgrim lionized those non-Republican voters as people on a mission, who understood the assignment, and could decide the entire Republican race:

Those independent, those undeclared voters waiting in line feeling like they needed to do this, that they needed to participate in this primary. So many people we talked to, while they were waiting in line to go into those polling sites, told us that here in New Hampshire, they really take this job seriously. And they recognize that they're the first in the nation primary and that they are the ones who decide the whole thing.


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