ABC Pushes Misinformation in Interview With Ousted Tennessee Dems

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 10, 2023
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Leading into the segment, Pilgrim suggested video of their ousting showed a “shocking scene in Nashville last week as the Tennessee House of Representatives voted to expel three lawmakers.” She also claimed they were simply “protesting gun violence on the House floor after the Covenant school shooting.”

Lipof lobbed the first softball, asking Pearson if they knew they were breaking the rules. And despite voting on a rules package as one of their first votes of the session, Pearson claimed they had no clue that leading a mob of people and disrupting official proceedings with a bullhorn was breaking the rules:

LIPOF: But Representative Pearson when you took back to the floor with the bullhorn – you knew – you said you knew it would be violating decorum rules, but did you have any idea that the backlash will be like this from your colleagues?

PEARSON: No, we had no idea that what we were doing would break a rule that could lead to our possible expulsion or our actual expulsions. What we were doing was listening to voters who said that we need to listen to the people who want to have gun safety laws. We need to stop the epidemic of gun violence and we need to stop the proliferation of weapons in our communities, in addition to our schools.

This was followed up by Pilgrim asking Jones, “when did you realize that you may actually lose your job over this?” Jones suggested it was Republicans who were behind “the escalation” of events “when the House speaker, Cameron Sexton went on national news and lied and compare this to [the] January 6 insurrection.”


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