Abortion Activist Who Jumped from CBS to Planned Parenthood Denies Bias: ‘We Have Standards’

Brent Baker | May 9, 2022
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Kate Smith, who last month moved from CBS News to a newly created position at Planned Parenthood, senior director of news content, on Sunday denied her abortion activism came through in her reporting for CBS News. On CNN’s Reliable Sources, she condescendingly lectured that bloggers “might not realize all of the different layers that someone goes through before they publish a piece before they go on-air.”

She insisted: “We have standards, we have lawyers. Before anything goes on-air, there’s a thorough review of what’s going on.” Showing her hostility to the right, she added that “making that accusation, you’re playing into the right.” She soon doubled down on her disdainful elitist attitude: “I think these people just don’t understand how newsrooms actually work, they don’t have that kind of experience.”

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