Behar Lashes Out at Pro-Trump Town Hall Audience, ‘Not American’

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 11, 2023
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The liberal ladies of ABC’s The View were in a tailspin from the get-go during Thursday’s episode, as the majority of them fumed over CNN’s town hall with former President Trump the previous evening. But instead of keeping her animosity trained on Trump, co-host Joy Behar immediately started taking swings at the average Americans in the audience. Their crime? Being Republicans and fans of the former President, or as she called them “not American.”

“So, yesterday, CNN had a town hall with you know who. And for me, CNN showed me they were a ball-free zone. What did y'all think of it?” moderator Whoopi Goldberg spat as she turned the floor over to the rest of the table.

Behar jumped right in and said she was wrong to defend Trump’s First Amendment right to appear on CNN as a candidate for president. Her reasoning? Because CNN allowed there to be pro-Trump audience members.


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