Chris Cuomo Calls Out Media Showing ‘Deference’ to Hamas Terrorists

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 24, 2023
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Chris Cuomo Calls Out Media Showing ‘Deference’ to Hamas Terrorists

One of the worst people you know just made a great point. During the Monday night handoff between the NewsNation eponymous shows of Chris Cuomo and Dan Abrams, the duo ripped into the liberal media outlets that breathlessly parroted casualty numbers provided by Hamas when reporting on the blast at a Gaza hospital. Cuomo added that he had never seen a terrorist organization get the kind of good PR the media has been gifting them.

The New York Times says they made a mistake in relying on Hamas’s reports about the bombing of the hospital. And it’s going to keep happening,” Cuomo warned. He broke down the perverse incentive structure as such: “As long as the reporting reflects the interests of what they see in the angry, you're going to have agendas before you’re going to have information. It’ll continue.”

Abrams agreed and had the modest suggestion that with all the disinformation coming out of Gaza, media organizations had an obligation to “take on a greater responsibility to get this stuff right.” He also took a swing at The New York Times for their non-apology for spreading Hamas propaganda.


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