CNN Dismayed DeSantis Would Defend NY Marine from Lefty D.A.

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 15, 2023
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Over the weekend, Marine Corps veteran and good Samaritan Daniel Penny saw his legal defense fund swell to over $2 million (currently over $2.2 million). Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis had a hand in that after giving it a boost via Twitter on Friday night. But during Monday’s CNN This Morning, the liberal network whined that DeSantis would dare get involved and huffed about him choosing to “elevate … certain sides” in “controversies.”

During a segment about DeSantis making the political rounds ahead of an anticipated presidential campaign announcement, co-host Kaitlan Collins whined about DeSantis’s support for Penny and downplayed the violent and threatening behavior of the late Jordan Neely, which led to the need to restrain him.

“We also saw Governor DeSantis, throwing his support behind Daniel Penny, the former Marine, of course, who has now been charged with manslaughter in the death of the homeless man on the New York City subway system,” she asserted, falsely portraying the situation that led up to Neely being put in a chokehold. This was done to tee up CNN reporter Steve Contorno.


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