CNNer: GOP Has ‘Gun’ Pointed at ‘Head of the Global Economy’

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 2, 2023
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Republicans have been trying to get America’s runaway spending under control so future generations don’t get saddled with unimaginable levels of debt. But that’s hard to do when there are bad-faith actors like Catherine Rampell on CNN This Morning portraying the GOP as terrorists taking “hostage[s]” and holding “a gun to the head of the global economy.”

After co-host Poppy Harlow commentator John Avlon huffed about Democrats not taking the opportunity to remove America’s debt limit when they had full control of the government at the start of Biden’s term, co-host Kaitlan Collins turned to Rampell to smear Republicans with her vile analogies.

“I think the challenges, even if you accept the premise that it is appropriate to negotiate with a gun to the head of the global economy, right, to take the debt limit hostage in exchange for some demands,” Rampell proclaimed.


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