Dan Rather: ‘If Journalists Cower’ to Trump, ‘How Long Can We Sing We’re ‘The Home of The Brave’?

Brent Baker | February 26, 2018
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CNN anchor Brian Stelter set up disgraced CBS veteran Dan Rather as the truth-teller to counter President Trump’s “fantasyland” in which Trump claims his approval rating is soaring as it falls to 35 percent and argues that arming teachers would protect students.

From the February 25 Reliable Sources:

Brian Stelter: “He’s promoting this idea of arming more and more teachers. Let’s look at how he framed this discussion at CPAC.”

President Trump at CPAC: “The teacher would have shot the hell out of him before he knew what happened.”

Stelter: “This ridiculous rhetoric has to stop. This is part of Trump’s fantasyland....We’ve got to provide the proper context for these ridiculous quotes that are out there. Even if President Trump prefers to live in a fantasyland, journalists have to at least try to help him see the reality. Joining me now is Dan Rather, former anchor of the CBS Evening News. He currently anchors The News with Dan Rather on The Young Turks streaming network....”

Stelter, given that Trump’s false claims are so well established: “Do you think there’s less use then in journalists trying to check the false claims?”

Rather: “Not only do I think it’s useful, I think it’s imperative now more than ever is when the press needs to be a kind of truth squad for this and every other president. It’s perhaps more important with President Trump because there are more untruths to set record straight. But if journalists cower, as many in Congress – both some Republicans and some Democrats in Congress – are cowering with the NRA, if journalists cower, then how long can we sing we’re ‘the home of the brave’?”

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