David Frum: Israel/Netanyahu Too Cowardly for Ground Invasion of Gaza

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 17, 2023
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The Atlantic’s faux Republican, David Frum made an appearance Monday night on NewsNation’s Cuomo with a new angle to malign Israel: They’re cowards. That was his argument for why Israel had yet to launch a ground invasion of Gaza. One might argue it was the attitude of a man who had a relative who was abducted by Hamas, but Frum bizarrely said he trusted the terrorist organization to treat his relative “well.”

After introducing Frum, the first question host Chris Cuomo had for his guest was for an update on his relative who was videoed being taken away by Hamas terrorists:

My cousins – I have cousins who are Israeli-born U.S. citizens. Their son was one of those taken. And that's a picture of him right there, Omari. He just turned 22 this week. His family saw him being bundled into the back of a truck and abused on his way into the truck. They’ve had no word since then. He was unwounded, so we trust that he is well, but of course, it is an incredibly stressful situation for his very brave family.


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