'INSANITY!' The View Loses Their Minds Over SCOTUS Gun Carry Ruling

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 23, 2022
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With the Supreme Court finding that New York’s arduous restrictions on the concealed carrying of firearms violated the Constitution in a 6-3 ruling on Thursday, the unhinged coven that made up ABC’s The View lost their minds. Calling the ruling “pure insanity” and “a middle finger to New York,” the cast was on a downward spiral from the get-go. They even seemed to encourage violence against the court and justices.

After coming on set, co-host Whoopi Goldberg spoke with a sense of soberness that seemed reserved for announcing a terrorist attack had just occurred:

Right before we went on air, the Supreme Court handed down their decision that will allow New Yorkers to carry concealed firearms, striking down a centuries-old state law that made people have to prove they had due cause to conceal and carry.

“The centuries-old law” line is and will be a common refrain the liberal media throw out to suggest it should not have been overturned. But be mindful that there have only been three major gun rulings by the Supreme Court in the history of the Constitution, so it’s not like it’s withstood a century of challenges.