MSNBC Ignores Evidence Megachurch Shooter Was Pro-Hamas Terrorist

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 12, 2024
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On Monday, word spread like wildfire that the alleged shooter of the Houston megachurch belonging to Joel Olsteen was a pro-Palestinian terrorist who had the message “Free Palestine” written on the rifle. It was also discovered that the shooter was transgendered. For hours, far-left MSNBC refused to update their on-air reporting to inform viewers of the likely motive behind the attack. But while CNN News Central had reported the “Free Palestine” message, they danced about the shooter’s transgenderism.

“New this morning, sources are telling us the woman who shot up a megachurch in Houston Sunday, used an AR-15 with the words ‘Free Palestine’ on it,” co-host Sara Sidner announced.

Co-host John Berman spoke with CNN chief law enforcement analyst John Miller, who was the one who broke the story for the network. Miller explained that the “Free Palestine” message was a strong “indicator” of the shooter’s motive given that messages on firearms have been used in different attacks for different reasons in the past.


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