MSNBC Makes Death of Fox Journalists About Trump

Alex Christy | March 15, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Tuesday brought the sad news Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and producer Oleksandra Kuvshynova were killed covering the war in Ukraine. As part of Deadline: White House’s coverage of the news on MSNBC, host Nicolle Wallace and journalist Sebastian Junger covered what they considered an important angle to the story: Donald Trump.

The segment was started out well enough, talking about the bravery of war correspondents, with Wallace asking “We're so dependent on them, we depend on them for everything that we know. And—and-- as I said, everything that we have covered over the last two weeks is dependent on when those journalists, Richard Engel and Cal Perry, need to sleep, when they're available to tell us what they're seeing. Your thoughts about how indispensable that work is and feels to the journalists themselves, why they do it?