NBC: Sure Israel Rescued Hostages, But Netanyahu Is Still an ‘A-Hole’

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 12, 2024
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Over the weekend, the Israeli Defense Forces proved that they could get October 7 hostages back from Hamas without the need to give them anything except warheads on foreheads. But during Monday’s Today show, NBC didn’t seem too impressed by the daring raid that rescued two hostages from the city of Rafah. Instead, they used it as an opportunity to hype anonymous sources who claimed that, in private, President Biden calls Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu an “a-hole.”

Leading into her report, correspondent Molly Hunter seemed apprehensive about the raid and appeared to suggest it put over one million people at risk. “Israeli troops entered a building in Rafah to rescue those two hostages,” she reported. “Now, Rafah is that southernmost city in Gaza where Israel has told 1.4 million Palestinians to go for their safety.”

Hunter breathlessly parroted talking points from “Gazan Health officials” (without mentioning that she was quoting Hamas) about how airstrikes launched as part of the raid had supposedly killed “dozens of Palestinians.” She used that as the impetus to whine about what a possible IDF operation to eradicate Hamas in Rafah would bring.


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