‘People Letting Down Their Guard’: CBS Demands Return to COVID Masks

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 14, 2023
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During Monday’s CBS Mornings, the liberal crew lamented that Americans were “letting down their guard” with COVID and weren’t masking anymore, leading to a small summer spike in cases. Despite the fact that the pandemic was officially over and most Americans wanted life to return to normal, the pearl-clutchers at CBS demanded a return to masking in indoor public spaces and for people to get more booster shots.

Without giving any form of context or underlying numbers, co-host Gayle King hysterically warned that “Hospitalization rates, they are up more than 12 percent in the most recent weeks surveyed by the CDC.” She added that “COVID has been found in a rising number of wastewater samples. The virus is usually detected in wastewater up to a week before people start actually start testing positive.”

King then looked to CBS medical contributor Dr. Celine Gounder to tell people to snap out of their post-pandemic apathy and bust out their masks again. Gounder bemoaned about “people letting down their guard” and trying to go back to normal.


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