Playing Cards: The View Cries Racism, Sexism Behind Fani Willis Scrutiny

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 16, 2024
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With Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis under the hot light of accountability for alleged conflicts of interest with the election integrity case she brought against former President Trump, the liberal ladies of ABC’s The View jumped to her defense on Friday. The coven frantically tried to throw everything at the wall hoping it would stick: attacking Trump’s lawyers, playing the race and gender cards, and praising her angry outbursts in the courtroom.

Their first desperate defense of Willis came in the form of trying to flip the conflict of interest charge against Trump’s lawyers because they were married and owned a private firm together:

BEHAR: Meanwhile, the two lawyers prosecuting her, who were questioning her --

SUNNY HOSTIN: Yean, they’re married.

BEHAR: They're married to each other and they have a law firm together.

HOSTIN: Yes, they do.

BEHAR: So, isn't that a conflict of interest and do they have a problem?


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