‘Pretentious Bull****’: NewsNation Takes on NBC Journos Attacks GOP Hire

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 26, 2024
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Hours before news broke that NBC News may be firing their newly hired Republican political analyst, former RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, NewsNation stuck it to their cable news rival. During Monday night’s Cuomo, correspondent at-large Geraldo Rivera called out their “pretentious bullshit,” and host Chris Cuomo proclaimed that “the hypocrisy reeks” at the network.

Cuomo led into the segment by calling out his former morning show rivals (when he co-hosted CNN’s New Day) for their rank “hypocrisy” in calling for McDaniel’s ouster when they benefitted from being pals with Donald Trump before he got elected:

Look, I have no beef. But it was okay for you, Mika [Brzezinski] and Joe [Scarborough], to have Trump on all the time to talk to him about what questions to ask, right? When it was working for you when he was running, right? When you guys are all pals, that was ok, right? You have any problem with that, right? Just because you went bad on him when it became convenient because you work at a lefty outlet. This is okay now you can be high-minded about it, right? The hypocrisy reeks!

When asked for his take, the first words out of Rivera’s mouth were “Screw them!”

“I mean, the whole idea is that they were hiring her to be the ultimate insider. And here she gets washed or she gets drowned by this tsunami of pretensions bullshit,” he added. “Really, all of these people that have a stick up there behind, how dare they.”


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