Republicans Team Up to DEMOLISH CNN Libs on Biden’s Border Disaster

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 11, 2024
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CNN liberals Kate Bedingfield and Ashley Allison, both former Biden campaign officials from 2020, were left stammering and bewildered during Sunday’s State of the Union (the CNN show with host Jake Tapper) when Republican commentator Scott Jennings and former Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) ran circles around them and schooled them on President Biden’s border disaster.

Things got interesting after Allison bloviated about how “Democrats get up and try and show a story of how we can move this country forward” while Republicans were being “disingenuous.”

“Well, I'm surprised to hear you say that it's wrong to mislead the American people and not have much to say about Joe Biden's State of the Union,” Jennings shot back, noting that Biden was more apologetic about calling the man who killed Georgia college student Laken Riley an “illegal” than he was about calling her “Lincoln’:

I'm not as worried about SNL as I am worried about what Biden told NBC when he apologized for calling the murderer of Laken Riley “illegal.” He had it right in the speech, and then he got bullied by his left flank into changing it: ‘Well, it's undocumented.’ And then, even more outrageous, he said: I'm not going to insult people like that, because they built the country.

This TRIGGERED Bedingfield, who immediately started shouting at Jennings about how “He did not apologize!” Jennings embarrassed her by pointing out that the killer was “very documented” as a dangerous criminal.


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