Roland Martin Lectures Christie on Putting Trump and Power Ahead of Patriotism and America

Brent Baker | September 13, 2021
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Chastising former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, on Sunday’s This Week on ABC, left-wing radio and online talk host Roland Martin declared “too many Republicans chose power and riding with Donald Trump, as opposed to patriotism and America.” 

Martin, once an analyst for CNN, was reacting to Christie’s recent comment declaring the election over and urging the end to election conspiracy talk. Martin decried Trump supporters for lacking “the guts to stand up to narcissists, to folks who lie, to folks who sit here and led a country in the wrong direction. And what that man has unleashed on this country. Any Republican who stood with him has to own it and accept the role that they played.”

Christie would have none of it: “I’ll sleep fine tonight with you judging my morals.” He countered that supporting Trump in an election “does not preclude me from being able to be critical when the person that I did support does things that I am against. And so this false choice that you’re trying to set up.”

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