Stelter Surprised Fox News Doesn't Support Will Smith's Assault

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 29, 2022
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Tuesday was the premiere date for CNN+ but chief media correspondent Brian Stelter recorded an Oscar special of his new show Reliable Sources Daily on Monday to cover the elitist spectacle and the so-called “slap heard round the world.” In the midst of their conversation, Stelter opined about how surprised he was that more people on the right, specifically Fox News didn’t support actor Will Smith getting up on stage and assaulting comedian Chris Rock.

“And it’s interesting, as you said, people are taking sides on this. But the way it’s breaking down is really interesting,” he said to CNN entertainment reporter Chloe Melas. And according to Stelter’s warped expectations, he imagined conservatives being for violence:

Like, I expected to turn on Fox and just hear all defense of Will Smith, you know, boys will be boys. But actually, there’s a lot of law and order arguments from the right, right now. So the right has split on how to feel about this one.


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