Stephanopoulos Buries How ABC Poll Found Trump Would Beat Biden

Brent Baker | September 26, 2022
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A new ABC News-Washington Post poll was released on Sunday and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos led This Week with some findings from it (Biden’s approval at 39%, most Democrats want a different candidate for 2024, Democrats “even” with Republicans in the midterm preference), but not until 44 minutes into the show did he note a finding that undermines Biden’s claim he’s the best hope Democrats have against Donal Trump.

As an aside during the roundtable, Stephanopoulos reported how Trump would beat Biden. It came as he picked up on panelist Chris Christie’s assertion that Trump is losing support amongst Republicans. Stephanopoulos noted “the polling right now is not really showing that. It’s showing, among Republican voters, he’s holding firm. Our poll shows him defeating Joe Biden in 2024.”

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