'Sunny Hostin' Accuses Nikki Haley of Using Fake Name to Seem White

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 20, 2022
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***The complete post is on NewsBusters***

Tuesday’s edition of The View gave us yet another example of how liberals are allowed to get away with making nakedly racist statements as long as the target of their hatred is a Republican. Of course, this latest instance came from so-called “Sunny Hostin” who accused former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley of not using her “real name” despite that being the name her parent gave her. But in the blowup that followed, Sara Haines surprised all by calling out Hostin for using a fake name herself.

During a conversation about potential 2024 candidates for both sides, “conservative” Alyssa Farah Griffin finally decided to promote conservative women (which she refused to do in the past) and noted Haley as a prospective candidate.

“Nikki Haley the chameleon?” Hostin snidely asked. “What is her real name again?” she tagged on.

With backup from Joy Behar, Hostin’s racist sniping put Farah Griffin on the back foot. Hostin continued to assert that Haley was essentially a race traitor because she supposedly wasn’t acting like a “person of color."


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