Tim Scott Wishes Joy Behar Didn’t Hide from Him on The View

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 6, 2023
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Black Republican Senator Tim Scott (SC) embarrassed the leftists of ABC’s The View on Monday as he schooled them on the progress America had made on race relations, but noticeably absent was co-host Joy Behar who infamously asserted Scott didn’t know what it was like to be black in America. During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom on Tuesday, Scott said he wished Behar would have been there so they have a real discussion about her smears.

Fox News co-host Dana Perino played a soundbite of Behar’s attack on Scott. “And he's one of these guys, you know, he’s like Clarence Thomas, black Republican, who believes in pull yourself by your bootstraps, rather than, to me, understanding the systemic racism that African Americans face in this country and other minorities. He doesn't get it. Neither does Clarence,” Behar sneered last month.

Behar talked a big game but hid when Scott came to talk.

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