The View Decries Hunter Gun Charges: All Addicts 'Lie,’ 'Commit Crime'

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 15, 2023
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You would think the liberal ladies of ABC’s The View would support the felony charges against Hunter Biden since gun laws were finally being enforced on someone who allegedly committed a felony by lying on his background check form. But since they were backing his daddy for president, they needed to treat him like the victim. Their defenses ranged from calling the charges a “political prosecution” to writing them off because all addicts “lie” and “commit crime” so it’s no “big deal.”

According to moderator Joy Behar, the felony gun charges were somehow a form of “political retribution” against the Biden family. “So, it's been a rough week for the Biden, hasn't it?” she lamented as she falsely claimed the impeachment inquiry into President Biden was based on “unproven claims” of wrongdoing.

Racist co-host Sunny Hostin huffed that federal prosecutors were making a “big deal” out of the fact he lied on a form (that warns the signee that lying is a felony) to get a gun. “But what is making me a little uncomfortable about the Hunter Biden case is that 99 percent of these cases where you have someone that applies for a firearm and they hide the fact that they're addicted don't get prosecuted,” she overstated reality.


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