The View Defends Decapitating Trump, Decries Hog-Tied Biden Decal

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 2, 2024
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In their first live show after the Easter weekend, the leftist extremists of ABC’s The View kicked off their Tuesday show enraged that former President Trump reposted a “violent image” of a truck decal featuring a fake image of President Biden alive and hog-tied in the bed. But in the midst of their pearl-clutching, the cast defended their friend Kathy Griffin’s photoshoot holding up an effigy of Trump’s bloody severed head; suggesting she simply “did what she does as a comic.”

“You-know-who spent the most sacred weekend on the Catholic calendar posting rants about the judge in his New York fraud case making false claims about the judge's daughter and reposting a violent image of President Biden that we are not going to show you here today,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg indignantly proclaimed.

She demanded to know: “Why does he keep getting away with it?” She called the truck decal “so violent” and asked: “What's the difference between what Kathy Griffin did and what he did? I don't understand.”

Realizing they were essentially attacking their friend who was on the show just last week, co-host Joy Behar argued that “it’s worse” for Trump to share such images because Griffin was just “a comedian.”


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