The View, Ed. Secretary Cardona Decry State Control of Curriculums

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 17, 2023
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With former teacher Joy Behar moderating Friday’s episode of The View, the ABC hosts teamed up with President Biden’s Education secretary, Miguel Cardona to blast the idea that states should have the right to determine what their education standards should be and what’s in their curriculums. They also bemoaned that the Supreme Court had struck down discriminatory affirmative action programs, but Cardona let something seemingly contradictory to their narrative slip.

At one point, faux-conservative co-host Ana Navarro praised Cardona and Biden for hiring him. “Can I say that I think Joe Biden recruited very damn well when it comes to the secretary of education,” she proclaimed. “You make me so incredibly proud and the way you represent this fills my heart every time you’re here and every time I see you.”

She then launched into her usual screed about how horrible her home state of Florida was and pushed the debunked lie that the state was teaching students slavery was a good thing. She then teed up Cardona to say red states like Florida were working to harm kids.


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