Charles A. Kohlhaas
Oil and Gas Executive

Charles A. Kohlhaas is an experienced oil and gas industry executive and consultant with major and independent companies domestically and internationally. He is also a former professor of petroleum engineering at the Colorado School of Mines.

Charles A. Kohlhaas | February 24, 2023
Another balloon was sighted about 600 miles from Hawaii. At this point, we are not sure how to identify them after shooting down three which, it seems, were not Chinese spy balloons but no one is sure.   What we do know is that our relationship with China is in a state of confusion. Our political, military, and financial leaders are not sure what it is or what to do about it. Are we in friendly…
Charles A. Kohlhaas | February 1, 2023
On the afternoon of Sunday, 15 February 1942, General Sir Arthur Percival walked up Bukit Timah Road in Singapore and surrendered to General Tomoyuki Yamashita.  Percival surrendered 86,000 well-fed, well-supplied British troops on their fortified island base with supplies, vehicles, planes, and weapons to 22,000 exhausted Japanese troops at the end of long supply lines. He surrendered his…
Charles A. Kohlhaas | January 4, 2023
In early December, the G7 and EU countries, plus Australia, put a cap on the price at which they would allow sales of Russian exported crude. The cap is $60/bbl with various modifications and adjustments. The rationale for the price cap is that with world oil prices ranging between about $70 and $80 the cap will reduce Russia’s income for fighting the war in Ukraine but will be enough above…
Charles A. Kohlhaas | December 13, 2022
Was not the Arab Oil Embargo a big deal?  No.  It was not.  It was a meaningless gesture but came to represent the energy crisis period of the 1970s in the perceptions of many media and academic commentators, government officials, and the public.  Many believe the Embargo caused the crisis. Wrong.  The energy crisis, in terms of up to 5-fold oil price increases and changes of control of…
Charles A. Kohlhaas | December 8, 2022
In days of old, when knights were bold, and oil exchanges were not invented, prices were steady, supply was plenty, and Big Oil kept drivers contented.    Before the first Energy Crisis started in 1970, the oil industry was run by major integrated oil companies. They explored for, developed, and produced oil fields, refined the oil, and sold their products through their own outlets to consumers…