Barbara Streisand

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 17, 2023
I usually can’t stand when celebrities get involved in politics. But you gotta admit, sometimes, it's kinda funny. Rapper Azealia Banks expressed…
Brittany M. Hughes | October 31, 2018
Barbara Streisand says she’s thinking about moving to Canada because living in an America under Donald Trump is making her eat too many pancakes. “I…
P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 29, 2018
In their prolific work as filmmakers and creators of the heroically politically incorrect and hilarious cartoon “South Park,” Trey Parker and Matt…
Eric Scheiner | January 10, 2017
danjoseph | April 1, 2016
MRCTV's rundown of the craziest goings on in the world of liberalism.         
Corwin Parks | September 28, 2012
Sean Penn Wins ‘Barbra Streisand Political Award for Celebrity Vapidity’
Matthew Balan | December 16, 2010
On the 15 December 2010 edition of Larry King Live, CNN's Larry King asked Barbara Streisand if she wondered why "right winger radio hosts" single…
Eric Pairel | February 21, 2008
John McCain sings and gets a laugh at Barbara Streisand's expense during this parody.