MattH | May 12, 2014
CNN's New Day provided Hillary Clinton with some free publicity on Monday, touting her "highly-anticipated" memoir while swatting back criticism of her as "a little amateurish."
MattH | May 9, 2014
On Friday's New Day, the CNN panel was discussing whether or not Republicans are politicizing the Benghazi tragedy and The Atlantic's Molly Ball admitted the subject matter was playing right into Democratic hands.
MattH | May 8, 2014
MSNBC's Chris Matthews slammed Republican policies like voter ID laws and a special investigation of the Benghazi attacks as an "insidious plan" that could backfire like "Watergate."
MattH | May 8, 2014
After House Republicans voted to create a special investigation into the Benghazi attacks, Thursday's CBS Evening News focused its report on Democratic disgust with the "partisan" move.
MattH | May 8, 2014
When TheBlaze's Will Cain scolded society for "cheap hashtag activism" over Boko Haram, CNN's Don Lemon took that to mean a back-handed slap of First Lady Michelle Obama who championed the cause.Although Cain clarified that he was criticizing society as a whole, Lemon insisted that his words were a "dog whistle" insult of the First Lady.
MattH | May 7, 2014
In an interview clip that aired on Wednesday's World News, ABC's Robin Roberts flattered Hillary Clinton as she cited Clinton's popularity to ask if she was considering a presidential run.   
MattH | May 6, 2014
ABC's Ginger Zee hyped a White House report on climate change and asked President Obama what he plans to do about it. She also reported the "interesting" development that the President "actually asked me a question."
MattH | May 6, 2014
"You know, there are very few things we've heard more about in the past year and a half. The only thing we've heard more about in the past year and a half may be the Kardashians," Comedy Central's Jon Stewart quipped of Benghazi.
MattH | May 5, 2014
MSNBC's Chris Matthews sneered that Benghazi "has become an obsession bordering on cultism among Republicans" and added "You can almost smell the incense. 'Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.' They keep chanting the word until it gets Hillary to fall."
MattH | May 1, 2014
MSNBC's Chris Matthews ranted on Thursday's Hardball that "it's a ridiculous" to hold the Obama administration culpable for the lack of security around the Benghazi compound during the September, 2012 attacks.