Brittany M. Hughes
Managing Editor

Brittany is MRCTV's managing editor, host of the web series "Reality Check," and a graduate of the College of William and Mary. Before coming to MRCTV, she worked as an investigative reporter for CNS News. Prior to that, she was an education and politics reporter in Danville, Virginia. 


Free Speech America's Dan Gainor joins the show to talk about what this could mean for Twitter, free speech, and all of social media.


Not the LGBTQ community in general, mind you – just trans.


In case you missed it, that’s the thief literally sauntering out with his arms full of lifted merch, seemingly entirely unworried that he'll be detained.


Someone might want to remind Cory Booker that Judge – and now incoming Supreme Court Justice – Ketanji Brown Jackson is a married woman.


Nearly 3,000 Ukrainians crossed the Southwest US border in an attempt to flee their country to the United States, according to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Congress just spent billions of your dollars on ski jumps, museums, and other garbage. And Biden wants to spend even more.

Did Clinton get caught spying on Trump? We'll talk about the Durham filing, what it says, what it doesn't, how the media is twisting the story, and why this matters even more than you might think.

Pro-life activists say they took the remains of five aborted, nearly full-term babies marked as "medical waste" from a truck outside of an abortion clinic. They have the receipts, but the pro-abortion media want to shut them down and make you believe they are freaks and nut jobs.


NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced his city is launching a billboard and ad campaign in Florida slamming the Sunshine State’s new anti-grooming bill that prohibits teachers from discussing sexual preference and gender “identity” with 4-to-9-year-olds.